Take a look at these tips and learn how to personalize the customer experience with the right B2B ecommerce solution!

It doesn’t matter whether you are selling B2C or B2B, you are selling to a client and today’s online purchasers expect a personalized shopping experience. The need for personalization is resulting in B2B companies using some common B2C tips and tricks – social media, leadership content, peer recommendations, and etc. According to one research, 55% of the B2B buyers depend on peer recommendations in the purchasing process. The report also shows that 53% are spending more time on social media platforms researching ecommerce solutions and providers. More planning and research has led to a longer purchasing cycle.

The B2B purchasers expect the exact same treatment when shopping online for personal items. These purchasers want to be able to research answers, find information, and discover details. They want relevant product information and they want to purchase from a brand that is reliable and professional. The B2B merchants need to use customer data, past purchases, and search history. You will be able to make more relevant and intelligent recommendations to motivate your potential buyers to buy more and decide fast.

The first thing you need to do – find the right B2B ecommerce solution. The truth is that not all ecommerce platforms are equipped to meet the specific needs or requirements if the B2B sellers. This is just one of the reasons why the B2B merchants are looking to upgrade the ecommerce platforms. You need a B2B ecommerce solution that can scale to handle the volume of the business while supporting specific demands for your B2B buyers. Once you will find the right B2B ecommerce solution, here is how to make the customer experience memorable and stand out among the competition:

– Make building your customer relationships your number one priority: The B2B buyers are doing a complex research online before talking to a company or making a purchase. Your priority is to show that you are a reliable and professional brand. You need to establish a relationship with your buyers and make an extra effort to be at the top of their shopping list.

– Connect the customer to the brand: B2B buying decisions are no longer about maximizing your company value. The B2B purchasers are more likely to buy a product when they see a personal value and more likely to pay a premium for comparing products and services when a personal value is included. Believe it or not – building a connection with your potential customers can drive purchase outcomes.

– Combine your marketing and sales to meet your customer needs: Businesses with aligned marketing and sales functions experience higher customer retention rates. The lack of alignment between marketing and sales is not something new, however, if you decide to align them, you will be able to fill the gap and offer a better customer experience.

The customer experience is a part of every aspect of your B2B company. While having all features and tools in place allows a better customer experience, it still takes a good B2B ecommerce solution to create the shopping experience and make it memorable. You need to understand that a personalized, memorable, and powerful shopping experience starts with sales and marketing alignment, as well as, established connections and processes along the way. We hope these few great tips will help you bring your customer service to the next level. If you know some other tips and tricks, please don’t hesitate to share in the comment section below. Good luck making the B2B customer experience one-of-a-kind!

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